NMM kicks ass!

September 29, 2008 | Posted by Joel Dittrich | 6 Comments
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We’re starting to recover from last weekend’s escapades at the New Media Meeting in Norrköping. Lectures, film screenings, music, people, interesting meetings, a new interface, new friends, finish VJs, norwegian VJs, discussions about new co-operations, after parties at Kraftcentralen… It has been an inspiring weekend. Some highlights:

Golan Levin (US) held the first lecture on friday morning. A quick tour of 10 year of work making loads of interactive new media art, if we even could place his interdisciplinary work in any categories.
Andrew Vande Moere (AU), the author of the blog infosthetics.com was speaking about visualization of information graphics, or “sexy data” as he referred to and gave many beautiful examples of application.

Andrew Vande Moere (AU), författaren till bloggen infosthetics.com, talade om visualisering av informationsgrafik, eller “sexy data” som han kallade det och gav många vackra exempel på tillämpning.

Adrian Bowyer continued with a lecture on RepRap, the robot that can produce itself. Impressive!

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1288310&dest=-1]

One of the first nights highlights was the finish VJ group Xploitec who were doing a black and white set to tunes of the grind core artist Huoratron.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1288309&dest=-1]

The after parties at Kraftcentralen was suffering from a total lack of alcohol an toilettes. Fortunately they had awesome music and visuals, which helped a bit.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1306903&dest=-1]

Rickard Lindell held a lecture on his audio-video performance program C3, ConCentric CRAFT. He has been working together with the artists Håkan Lidbo, Sophie Rimheden and Måns Nyman who also made two performances with C3.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1306872&dest=-1]

The veteran Bertrand Gondouin was performing with his own software and a Wii-remote. Kristoffer Karlsson from fLiM was playing the music.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1306875&dest=-1]

Norwegian For*Your*Eyes*Truly did most of the VJing on the main floor on saturday night. Earlier that night Ernst from F*Y*E*T gave us a demo of the latest version of VDMX. It’s still a messy interface but thre are many technical goodies. Especially the control of Quartz Composer objects which is superb. And thanks for the Whiskey that added splendour to the last after party.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1294176&dest=-1]

Finally our own set on from friday night. Joel+Micke+Morrsken back to back, back on back and back to the future.
A big up to everybody who made New Media Meeting 3 possible!

As a finnish, a picture from the beautiful Kraftcentralen, that Linnea was mentioning in the comments.

Som avrundning, en bild av den vackra Kraftcentralen, som Linnea nämnde.

6 Responses to NMM kicks ass!

  1. morrsken says:

    Ja, det var en ypperlig helg. New Media Meeting har varit underbart båda åren jag varit där och säkert året innan med. Tack arrangörer och medartister! ^^

    Angående efterfesterna på Kraftstationen måste man ju också nämna att det är en riktigt schysst liten industrilokal med två stora, snygga hjul halvt nedsänkta i golvet. Stiligt värre.

  2. Micke Wehner says:

    Vi har blivit omskrivna på den Brasilianska sajten Rraurl av vår VJ-vän Bete Rum.

  3. joel says:

    Jag läste det också. Med Google Translation. Nice!

  4. Micke Wehner says:

    NMM del 2 från vår Brasilianska vän Bete Rum.

  5. Peter says:


    tack själva som fan för att ni kom och levererade till oss och alla besökare! Hoppas vi ses nån gång snart igen.

    /Peter & Max gästvärdsansvariga

  6. Micke Wehner says:

    Ett annat klipp från NMM08 från Youtube.

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