VJ Union @ New Media Meeting

September 15, 2008 | Posted by Joel Dittrich | 1 Comment
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VJ Union @ New Media Meeting
In the last moment it was finalized that VJ Union will be represented at this year’s edition of the New Media Meeting. Mikael Wehner (Instructions), Linnea Forslund a.k.a. Morrsken and Joel Dittrich (Svaj, I <3 AG Studios) are the ones who will be VJing back to back on friday september 19 11pm – 3 am on the main floor.

From newmediameeting.se

NEW MEDIA MEETING is an annual international media art festival taking place in Norrköping, Sweden. The festival premiered in 2006 and is devoted to innovative works and projects in electronic art, media, music and visualization. In only two years NMM has become one of the most important media festivals in the Nordic Region – attracting an impressive line-up of renowned and upcoming international artists on the Media art and electronic music scene.

NEW MEDIA MEETING invites to a dialogue between a wide range of artists, media activists and academics working within the realms of digital art and culture. With a focus on current trends, research and technologies, the festival encourages interdisciplinary discussion and participation.

NEW MEDIA MEETING visualizes the current state of arts and media during 2 days and 2 nights. The days are crammed with inspiring lectures, seminars, workshops and talks. The nights are a celebration of performing arts with VJing, DJing, installations, performances, showcases and hands on DIYing. NMM presents an extraordinary assembly of international artists, media workers and a broad public attendance, all in a dynamic and intimate atmosphere.

NEW MEDIA MEETING is arranged by the non-profit organization Resistans in collaboration with Interactive Institute, Citilab and Norrköping Science Park. The festival is also promoted and sponsored by the Municipality of Norrköping, Regional Development Council Östsam and Destination Norrköping.


This years lucid thematic focal point PLAY is originated from the idea that when work isn’t fun the results often tends to be minimal. By focusing on the process of play, New Media Meeting 3 analyzes the very idea that playful creativity and meaningful work can be combined, not only to improve development but also to obtain superior results.

The naive but sincere thesis was put to the test by the curators of NMM 3. The work, or play if you prefer, of the topics 2008 was executed in an extremely playful fashion. A stack of scribbled notes with names, places, beliefs, thoughts, personal favourites, public information, statistics, wishes and even other wanted curators written on each one became the foundation of NMM 3. Channelized in an array of discussion, negotiation, bargaining and elimination, the consequence of these actions resulted in these semi-themes:

Interactive architecture, socio-digital marketing, surveillance, artificial emotions, future fashion and the digital playground today.

These topics are to guide, or misguide, the guests, participants and audience in the jungle of threads at New Media Meeting 2008, but above all to celebrate the concept of PLAY in method, style and idea. New Media Meeting 2008 will commemorate the differences and similarities to deliver another standard of excellence, composing a platform for creative exercises that pushes beyond the boundaries for all local, national and international practitioners of all ages alike.

Lets play!

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  1. Anne Lie says:

    Vi ses där! Bästa festivalen i Sverige.

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