Steim releases Junxion v4 for OSX

December 15, 2008 | Posted by The MIDI Thief | Comment
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This is a program I’ve used a lot in the past to connect different game controllers to the computer so that I could control my VJ softwares. JunXion translates the game controler’s signals to MIDI. One of my favorite projects was running the video projections with a dance matte.

I haven’t used the software for quite a while, but today I got an email from Steim saying that JunXion has been updated to version 4 and that they have added support for a lot of techniques: MIDI, OSC, HID (joysticks, mice, touch screens), audio, Arduino and video tracking. It seems like a program that could kick OSCulator’s ass.

For me this is an early christmas gift. I’ll get back after trying the new functions. Read more about JunXion V4 here.

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