The battle of the codecs

March 13, 2009 | Posted by The MIDI Thief | 2 Comments
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There was an interesting discussion today regarding the Sheer video codec on the Modul8 forum where Dave from Vidvox (the creators of VDMX) and Bart from Resolume jumped in on the thread.

Sheer is a commercial codec that looks a bit better than Photo JPEG but results in slightly bigger files. Sheer also has support for alpha channel. The question is – is it worth $149?

Bart from Resolume was saying that the Sheer codec was not that great and accusing David from Vidvox of promoting the codec out of commercial reasons. David already denied any money being involved in his first post.

[Edit] This thread was started in 2005 so the initial posts are pretty old (like Daves and Barts comments), but the last posts with comparison of codecs is from a recent date. [/Edit]

In the same thread you could learn that you could swap the Animation codec for the more modern, faster, smaller PNG codec to get that nice alpha channel.

Read the whole thread here.

Some good news for Resolume users: Resolume has develeoped a new video codec called DXV toghter with The Pixel Addicts and UnitedVisualArtists. DXV is hardware accellerated and will decompress the frames using the video card’s GPU which is faster than using the computer’s CPU as conventional codecs does. This will result in the abillity to mix more video layers with higher resolution.

The codec is cross-platform and will work in all Quicktime enabled applications but the hardware accelleration will only be enabled in Resolume. And best of all, it’s for free. Read more and download the plugin on Resolumes home page.

2 Responses to The battle of the codecs

  1. bart says:

    Please note that the discussion about the sheer codec is from 2005 😉

  2. Micke Wehner says:

    Yeah that’s correct, it wasn’t you who opened the thread again 4 years later. But how convenient – you’ve got some extra publicity out of it!