Modul8 and DMX

April 12, 2009 | Posted by The MIDI Thief | Comments Off on Modul8 and DMX
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All Modul8 users are eagerly waiting for the next update that was promised for the first quarter of 2009. The Graragecube (the makers of Modul8) crew has said that they won’t bust out anything premature and rather wait until they have a stable release. However, I was emailing with a member of the crew who revealed that DMX support will be in the next release and you will need a ENTTEC usb to DMX interface to communicate with your DMX equipment. Modul8 will only support the ENTTEC drivers.

I’ll be continuing waiting eagerly… beachball2

A little bird also whispered in my ear that Garagecube is co-operating with the Austrian company VMS (Video Moving System) so that is going to be possible to control the mirrors of the Video Mirror Units straight from a Modul8 Module through DMX.

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