8 Great multiscreen clips

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I was inspired by Smashing Magazine top lists and thought I’d start busting out some list featuring vj clips in different genres. First out is this compilation of live multiscreen projections. The criteria for the clips was that they should be using 2 screens or more and the composition has to span over all screens (no repetition of one screen) and be performed live.

Ryoichi Kurokawa @ Club Transmediale

Zava & Neon Golden vs. Sascha Funke @ Wilde Glocke


Otolab:  Cimatics 07 – Op7


Picturing sound: Extrait multiscreen live

Novak Collective: TripleHead2Go VJ set. (Micro Edit.)

VJ Samesame: Mini Copenhagen – visuals wall on windows

KEBOW: Multiscreen HD live visuals @ VERSCH Amsterdam

Digital Slaves: Pimp my Art

These clips didn’t make it on to the list since they weren’t recorded live, but they are nice too, so I share them anyway:

Rebeloverload: Multiscreen composition

Rebeloverload: Dual output vj comps

If you want to do multiscreen projections, check out the Triplehead2go device from Matrox. It’s probably the cheapest way to do it. They recently released a new version that is compatible with the new Macbook’s display port. Many modern VJ softwares (like Arkaos, Modul8, Resolume, VDMX) supports multiscreen output.

There is a channel on Vimeo dedicated to multiscreen and panoramic live visual, it’s worth keeping track on!

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  1. Samesame says:

    Thanks for posting my video – it all looks great!