The *spark d-fuser DVI mixer is coming closer

June 18, 2010 | Posted by The MIDI Thief | 2 Comments
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*spark d-fuser mixer. Photo by Andreas Apelqvist

Toby Harris a.k.a. Toby *spark did a presentation of his first manufacturable prototype at the Visual Berlin festival. He just finished editing a video from the presentations that contains a few revelations:

  1. The unit will have a fade curve control so that you can mix from a flat blend to a flat add.
  2. It will be ethernet enabled so that you can use several d-fuser mixers in master / slave mode. It also makes it possible to write a OSC library for the unit.
  3. It has a screen and a menu.
  4. The unit’s software is open source and will be available on line as soon as the mixer is released. This makes it possible to add more functionality to the mixer.

There are still a few things to do before the mixer goes in to production so there is still no release date yet, but “soon” toby says. Regarding the pricing it seems like he is still on track, to quote Toby: “£750/$1000 is very much the plan. If you budget for that, I think we will be in a good place, you might even get a surprise”. So the pig is out of the sack, now lets anxiously wait and tap our fingers…

Link to Toby’s original post. Video by Pedro, photo by Andreas Apelqvist.

2 Responses to The *spark d-fuser DVI mixer is coming closer

  1. Droool! 😛

  2. oh eun-hwan says:

    I have been using your DVI mixer sipda reported.
    I’d appreciate it if you tell them how to purchase.