iMixHD 1.0 is here

February 08, 2011 | Posted by The MIDI Thief | 2 Comments
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The first version of iMixHD by VJ Fader and VJ Leo has just been released. This software controls the TvOne 1t-c2-750 dvi mixer that we have been raving so much here on the blog. We were lucky to try the beta which had pretty limited functionality and now the guys have added some more controls.

When you launch the program you get the setup screen. The only two things you need to select in the serial port (you will need a USB to RS232 serial adapter to connect to the TvOne unit) and the Midi device. When you uncheck the Setup button you will get to the main screen.

The first thing I notice is that they have turned the order of the midi mapping right (touch the controller in the software first, then the controller on the midi device). In the upper right corner there’s an option to lock the buttons on the TvOne unit’s front panel. That saves you from trouble if you tend to or if you are just a bit clumsy. The second set of buttons are for selecting the inputs for the two channels. RGB1 and RBB2 are the video sources and TC1 and TC2 are images that you can store on the TvOne unit (you will need the Corio Tools software that runs on Windows to transfer images to the machine). Underneath you have the faders and cut buttons or channel A and B. I had a bit of difficulty to map the cut buttons to my Korg Nano Kontrol but if you use the Korg Kontrol Editor software you can change the buttons you want to use for cutting Control Change to Note. I am not super keen on the user interface of iMixHD but I know it’s a bit tricky making good conventional UIs in Processing.

It works great fading one channel at the time but if you start sliding both faders they tend to stutter or one will get stuck. There is a known problem with sending too much data to the TVOne unit at the same time.

I know that there are a few more thing that you can control but that hasn’t made it in to this version of iMixHD like luma keying and setting of the resolution so that you don’t have to bother with using the buttons on the TvOne unit and it’s lousy on screen display.

iMixHD is available for Mac and PC and is also available as Processing source code. You can download them all here:


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  1. VJ Fader says:

    Version 1.0 released. Standalone apps (Mac/PC) and source code (Processing) are available. Visit:


  2. Amazing work guys