Time to apply to Audio Visual Production, 180 ECTS

March 19, 2011 | Posted by Joel Dittrich | Comment
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It´s about time to apply to the cutting edge program Audio Visual Production, 180 ECTS! It´s given at Högskolan Dalarna University College in Falun, Sweden (instruction language is Swedish). This education teaches you the practices as well as theories needed to work as a professional in emerging fields such as audio visual art and communication, intermedia installations, live visuals, film, music and sound design in a broader perspective.

The core idea is to cover the gap between sonic and visual elements and connect them. This is a new way of working which has great possibilities today, and therefor the old way of dividing professions is no longer necessary. As a student you decide for yourself wether you to want to aim at the commercial market or develop as an independent artist.

The Audiovisual Production Program was started by the well renowned director, editor and musician Johan Söderberg. We invite many interesting professionals to complete our own experienced team. During term three called Audio Visual Artist, I´m the main teacher. You can also apply to courses in this third term only.

Application deadline is april 15!

All courses: http://du.se/sv/Utbildning/Utbildningsprogram/Audiovisuell-produktion/Programmets-kurser/

Apply here: https://www.studera.nu…

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