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Through the Syphon project’s Twitter I got aware of an interesting software called eMotion that just has been Syphon enabled. This means that you can bring in contents from other VJ software or send eMotions content to a Syphon enabled VJ program. eMotions declaration really spoke to me:

“eMotion is a tool for creating interactive motions of objects for live visual performances. Electronic motion seems often artificial, synthetic… well… in fact it does not convey any emotions. By defining new rules to create movements, eMotion is a new kind of software made for visual live animations.
As it is based on real world physics law, all motions seems natural, full of emphasis. It allows to manipulate different kind of objects like still image, videos, text, drawing. Targeted mainly for theatre/dance performances, it can be used in broader situations.”

As I’m interested in working more with dancers and interactivity this seems like the perfect tool. I did a quick test by bringing in eMotions output into Modul8 (using the QC Rehab trick) which worked perfectly. Bringing in Syphon content into eMotion from VDMX seemed to work fine. I’m ready to explore this software more and also investigate if it’s easy to bring this into video mapping projects.

The software is free (donation is encouraged if you decide to use it) and it’s still in Beta at the moment. Download eMotions at Macupdate.

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  1. eMTv says:

    Hi Mikael,

    I’ve had the chance to see Adrien Mondot’s last performance (Cinematique) which is absolutely magical, mixing his juggler talents with choreography and -of course- interactive generated visuals created with eMotion.

    eMotion software’s possibilities are amazing but from my experience, it’s quite complex and really not easy to use. Fact is Adrien Mondot doesn’t have time at all to write tutorials, and latest versions were quite buggy, so let’s hope this one will be easier to understand and use…

    Really wondering about the syphon part, too..

  2. hey,

    i tried it too and my experience is that it is really unstable – so i decided to programm it bymyself in qc.

  3. by the way i would be very interested in, whether someone got it working with the opnni and kinect – somehow i cant fugure out how to conect the xy vio osc to the mouse