The new Twitch controller

April 06, 2011 | Posted by The MIDI Thief | Comments Off on The new Twitch controller
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Novation has just announced the Twitch controller that has been developed together with Serato. It’s a hybrid of a conventional DJ controller and controllers made for softwares like Ableton Live. It has also been inspired by the Monome and the controller hacking communities. It’s not in the stores yet so we will have to wait and see what people really thinks of it. The price tag is expected to be $599. Personally I think this could be an interesting controller for audiovisual DJs. Even for audiovisualists that uses Live but there are already so many controllers out there and I’m not sure this one will top them. The compactness of this controller really speaks to me and that it has an onboard sound card.

This was spotted on the Futuremusic blog and there is a nice longer piece about the history of this controller on CDM.

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