Marco Tempest working on a low-cost high-speed camera

May 02, 2011 | Posted by ElectricKingDan | 2 Comments
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You might have heard about Marco Tempest before. He calls himself a technology magician and he is working with a big bunch of different digital media, techniques and new gizmos.

Here’s an interview with him if you like to know more about his ideas and passion for magic, illusion and technology.

I like his high-speed camera projects and he has done many nice videos under the category “two seconds”. I would really like to start doing visuals with this kind of high-speed cameras but the problem is that they are complicated to operate and on top of all very expensive to rent and especially to own.

But here’s where things gets exciting:

“Marco is working with Swiss maker AOS Technologies to develop a low-cost high-speed camera that could spread the use of this kind of photography. Marco has already been doing some beautiful work with the prototype model” – Peter Krin, Create Digital Motion.

I have contacted AOS Technologies to get more information about it but have not yet received an answer.

While waiting for more information there are some pictures on Marco’s Flickr and the “two second”-videos at his Vimeo account that are recorded with this prototype camera.




I will come back to you when I have more information.

/Dan Nordgren, Startsladd

2 Responses to Marco Tempest working on a low-cost high-speed camera

  1. Mikael Wehner a.k.a. The MIDI Thief says:

    Any hints on what this type of camera would cost?

  2. Well, the Phantom camera that is possible to hire today cost about 1500 € per day, so a low-cost camera would be nice 🙂