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June 09, 2011 | Posted by Joel Dittrich | Comment
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For the third year the festival is back! And this year even more emphasis have been put into live visuals and installations. The festival is organized by Ström i P2 in collaboration with Uppsala Konsert & Kongress. For this year I was invited to join the organizing crew as curator for live visuals. I will also perform my audiovisual project White Noise Black Noise and do live visuals back to back with Aoi Yamaguchi for Ben Klock, during his first set hour, while the second hour is taken care of by KubKub.

One of the most interesting bookings to me, is the audiovisual artist Alva Noto from Germany. Together with another one of favourites, Byetone Bender, they are the minds behind the Raster-Noton label.

“Alva Noto has possibly the world’s most eccentric and unique sound. With great courage and incredible accuracy, Alva Noto released the albums Xerrox and Unitxt on his highly respected label, Raster-Noton. A long list of critics have praised him for the innovative and captivating electronica that he creates. Standing steady in not only the world of techno, but also those of ambient, glitch and noise have placed Alva Noto in a class of his own. In concert, he combines his unique sound with an equally stunning visual show. Be prepared for an extraordinary experience when Alva Noto puts on his performance at Volt.” – The Voltfestival Crew

Visual artists: Akira Miyanaga (JP), Morrsken (SE), Lysbang (SE), KubKub (SE), Instructions (UK/SE), Christian Olofsson (SE), Martin Söderblom (SE), Joel Dittrich (SE), Aoi Yamaguchi (JP/US).

Line up: Ben Klock (DE), Alva Noto (DE), Radio Slave (UK), Darkstar (UK), Mary Anne Hobbs (UK), Motor City Drum Ensemble (DE), Little Dragon (SE), Ulf Eriksson (Kontra-Musik) (SE), SKLS (iDEAL) (SE), Mokira (Andreas Tilliander) (SE), Håkan Lidbo (SE), Nomaton (aka Erik Möller aka Unai) (SE), kliin (SE), Mats Almegård (SE), Hanna Kihlander aka Knivflickan (SE), Kymatica (SE), Lisa and Kroffe (SE), Samlingen (SE), Glasnost (SE), Hype (SE), Nicole Carter (SE).

Installations: The New Fleshnetwork, Robocygne, R.FM, Lost Bots, Olle Oljud, Drawdio, 3-step, SFX40P, Mindy.

More info: voltfestivalen.se

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