H-A-C-K, at Färgfabriken and h-a-c-k.se 25 august 19:00 CET+1

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Welcome to the H-A-C-K opening at Färgfabriken! If you cannot attend you can still see and listen to the performance in realtime at h-a-c-k.se, which takes place sometime after the doors open 19:00 CET+1!

H-A-C-K is a threedimensional sound- and videosculpture by electronicaproducers Andreas Tilliander and Håkan Lidbo together with audio-visual artist Joel Dittrich.

In H-A-C-K music and video is created by all sounds accompanying old analogue stereos, what we usually think of as noise. These mostly unwanted sounds are here composed in a way that makes them ring beautifully instead.

In the exhibition the viewer is struck by a dense mass of impressions. Since the sound comes from several different sets of speakers, which all have a different character of sound and are placed at various heights and depths, the impression is multidimensional. Furthermore if you move around in the room an interactive experience is created where you discover completely new sounds and soundcombinations. The sounds will be visible in a very distinct way on a number of TVs connected to the noise producing apparatuses.

A set of performances where the participating artists and invited guests play the installation is also planned during the exhibition period. H-A-C-K is exhibited in Färgfabrikens projectroom 25 aug. – 16 okt. 2011. Free entrance!

Lövholmsbrinken 1
SE 117 43 Stockholm
Subway: Liljeholmen
Tram: Trekanten

Interviews at h-a-c-k.se/interviews

facebook event

Full rez photos: h-a-c-k.se/press

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