Resolume 4 out soon!

September 02, 2011 | Posted by Joel Dittrich | 3 Comments
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Resolume 4 is due to be released as beta in two new versions on september 19, with a set of new exiting features such as advanced video mapping, soft edge blending, DMX input, SMPTE timecode input, auto pilot, etc.!

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3 Responses to Resolume 4 out soon!

  1. Bareimage says:

    I think Modul8 & Madmapper are better to get more competitive!!! Like ritghtnow!

  2. Mikael Wehner a.k.a. The MIDI Thief says:

    Sure, Modul8 and Mad Mapper are gerat (and as you probably know I’m pretty active within these communities) but have you tried the new Resolume? I haven’t but there should be a beta out soon. I thing it’s unfair to dismiss it. Some of the new functions seems really great. Especially the things that Modul8 and Mad Mapper lacks like curved warping and soft edge blending for example.

    But whatever great functionality they have created, I think it will be down to workflow and stability. And if you spent a lot of time becoming very good at one software you are less likely to switch.

  3. bareimage says:

    The problem is that Modul8 allows you to script your environment and it had better rendering engine for video. I think that Madmapper was released in unfinished state. The fact that you can not pipe syphon out of the application and other issues caused me to go into Isadora for projection mapping

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