Projection Mapping, at Berghs School of Communication

March 24, 2012 | Posted by Joel Dittrich | 6 Comments
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Final presentation in the course Audiovisual Design – Video Projection Mapping, at the program for Graphic Design, Berghs School of Communication, class GD11/13.

Teacher and Course Director – Joel Dittrich.
Composition and inspiration lectures – Håkan Lidbo.
Guest Teacher – Kim Petersen.
Program Director – Pål Pettersson.
Idea borrowed from Johannes LDC Guerreiro.
Software provided by Garagecube and 1024 Architecture.

Stockholm Sweden 2011

6 Responses to Projection Mapping, at Berghs School of Communication

  1. Alex Calvo says:

    Do you offer an online class for this course?

  2. As far as I know Joel doesn’t offer on-line classes. But maybe he is considering it,
    try contacting him through his profile page.

  3. Hi Alex,

    Nope, no online courses at the moment. Maybe in the future, but there is nothing in the making as of today.

  4. mack says:

    hi i live in Stockholm and i have a plan to study Motion graphics do you have a program?

    • Check this one out, taught in Swedish by me:

      Also see Berghs and Hyper Island. Good luck!

    • The MIDI Thief says:

      No, the Swedish VJ Union don’t have any programs at all, we just list places where you can get education within the field of A/V. Motion Graphics is another field, however closely related to live visuals. Check with the design schools: Berghs School of Communication, Forsbergs, Beckmans, Konstfack and Hyper Island. These places will most likely offer you more than just Motion Graphics. There might be places that gives you more specific Motion graphics training.

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