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Eric Wahlforss composes and performs electronic music under the name Forss. Although he might be more famous as the co-founder and CTO of Soundcloud. Nine year after his first release, Soul Hack, he now releases an audiovisual creation.

“Eric wanted to recreate the essence of what a church is via the medium of electronic music and set about to compose and create Ecclesia using two sources of raw material; recordings of strings, choirs, organs and ambient noise from church concerts which have been cut up into fragments and rearranged into a new mosaic of music, and recordings of wooden, stone and metal objects which make up the beats and percussion. These are the plosive, rhythmical noises that provide the link between the traditional to modern electronica.”

The album is presented as an audiovisual iPad app made in Unity 3D together with Leo Lass from the Viennese audiovisual team Depart and the CGI artist Marcel Schobel from Untouch.FM. The app takes the user inside the the album art travelling in and around sculptures and scenes.

I’m personally very pleased to see audiovisual artists using the gaming engine Unity 3D since it is taking visuals to new levels with the ability to create multi dimensional worlds.

Since the visuals are made in a multi platform tool, it’s not a far leap taking the app project and using it for live visuals. This is exactly what will happen at Berghain, Berlin on May 2nd when the project is released.


Forss web site
Berghain Facebook event

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