These pages contains links to where you can learn about VJing. Please tell us about your favorite VJ-related tutorials in the comments!


VJing, video mapping and interactive shows

ArKaos GrandVJ [OSX,Win]
ArKaos MediaMaster [OSX,Win]
Cell DNA [OSX]
CoGe [OSX]
eMotion [OSX]
Millumin [OSX]
MadMapper [OSX]
Modul8 [OSX]
Resolume [OSX,Win]
QLab [OSX]
Video Projection Tool (VPT) [OSX, Win | Free!]
Elektronika Live! [Win | Free!]

Max4Live, visuals inside Ableton Live

Vizzable & V-Module [OSX,Win]

Helper apps

Blendy [Soft edge blending on OSX via Syphon]
Soundflower [Free audio routing tool for OSX]
Syphon (Coming soon) [Share video frames between apps on OSX]

Visual/Audio-visual programming frameworks

Cinder [OSX, Win, iOS]
OpenCV [OSX, Win, Linux, Android, iOS]
openFrameworks [OSX, Win, Linux, Android, iOS]
Processing [OSX, Win, Linux]

Graphic programming environments

Isadora [OSX, Win]
Max/MSP/Jitter [OSX, Win]
Touch Designer [Win]
Quartz Composer [OSX]
VVVV [Win]

Mobile Apps

Lemur [iOS]
TouchOSC [iOS, Android]
Waves [iOS]

Game engines that can be used for visuals

Unity 3D [OSX, Win]


Schools and private tutors

Please contribute to the list of VJ related schools and private tutors.

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