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Platform: OSX
About: VJ Software with very low learning curve.

Official User Maual

Official Module Manual

Modul8 Learning group on Vimeo

Modul8 and other VJ tutorials by the legendary Deepvisual

The Midi Thief: Beat loops in Modul8

The Midi Thief: TouchOSC and Modu8 tutorial

The Midi Thief: Syphon input in Modul8

The Midi Thief / Pixelvärk: A Very Basic Modul8 Tutorial

John Vaughan: Making of THE DROP BOX 1.0 (Modul8 + Mad Mapper)

Audiovisual Academy

Learn how you can work with still images and media files, edit sequences on the fly, conduct sound analysis, assign frequencies and do a dynamic mapping in Modul8.

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