Berghs School of Design

Location: Stockholm

VJ-ing and video mapping is part of the Graphic Design program at Berghs and is taught by Joel Dittrich.

Dalarna University – Audiovisuell Produktion

Location: Falun | Length: 3 years full time | 180 university credits

This program is under the artistic leadership of professor Johan Söderberg, a legendary director, editor, composer and VJ. Joel Dittrich is in charge of the third semester entitled “Audiovisual Artist”.

Forsbergs Skola

Location: Stockholm | Diploma

This school offers a few different options under the leadership of Joel Dittrich. At the moment students in the Graphic Design program has VJ-ing and video mapping on the schedule and there are two separate courses as well:
Projection Mapping
Audio-visual: Ableton Live

Folkuniversitetet – VJ – Videoprojektion

Location: Stockholm

This is an introduction course to VJ-ing. Two 6h sessions with Johannes Ferm Winkler and Per Johansson.

Private lessons

Joel Dittrich
Mikael Wehner (The Midi Thief)

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