(Anna Boberg)
Base: Malmö


Bopa has since 2001 established herself in Europe as a video artist, VJ and motion graphic designer specialising in content for music. Her art is a melting pot of her different disciplines - animation, video and live performance. The most of her work involves tailor-making content for the screens at concerts - for bands, DJs or events - or to improvise a live VJ show. Bopa has collaborated with many musical artists. She designed the animations for the projection backdrop of Roxy Music - For your pleasure tour. Since then she has collaborated with Bryan Ferry on numerous tours. She has also worked with a team producing the content for The Chemical Brothers tour/DVD - Escape Velocity. Recently she created the video intro for Beyonce's fashion label launch in Selfridges London. In 2007 she became, as part of the audiovisual collective Ne1co, voted at Nr 6 in DJ Mags poll for the world's top 20 VJs.