(Daniel Strömberg)
Group: StartsladdBase: Gothenburg


I started creating visual material and VJ as a way to vent all the creative and crazy ideas that I couldn’t try at work. I like to perform to different styles of music and I am always interested in learning new things. I also believe that visual art evolves thru teamwork and inspiration from others. I like to entertain people and I think that is why I like using video so much in our sets. Filming and displaying artists on the big screens is also something I think bring a more interesting aspect to a show rather then just displaying graphic material. I used to play the saxophone for a semi professional jazz band and my dream is to somehow incorporate my live music with our visual material and the effect lights of a stage. Sort of creating the ultimate experience of synchronized sound, light and image. I also really like to create visuals for a theatre. I think video visual material could enhance the experience of any play.

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