Hannes Andersson

Base: Barcelona, Stockholm, Gothenburg


VJ Donuan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raised in the swedish techno scene I early developed a strong addiction to dance music. this led me to participating in and later organizing events/parties where this kind of music was present. I tried my hand at DJing but soon came to the realization that i am much more friends with music as an input while the output tend to take visual forms. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spending the last 10 years exploring the internal and external world through music, painting, travel, photography, people, graphic design and digital art, I ended up in here in Barcelona (the love of my life. after Ioana, of course). Where I, through video, find myself returning back to where the cycle began. The dance floor. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With live drawing and video mixing i am making abstract visualizations and dance floor graphics best suited for projecting on big walls and in to crowds. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The mobile nature of my work enables me to travel a lot but I usually divide my time beetween Spain and Sweden. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is more fun to do it live so if you want me to perform at your event/ party/ riot/ home (or whatever) email me at hannes.andersson@gmail.com. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This also applies if you are a Producer/ DJ/ VJ/ Musician/ Dancer/ Artist (etc) looking to collaborate as i am always looking to try new things and meeting interesting people. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the moment I am also a resident artist in studio P52 in poblenou, Barcelona, where we make interaktive installations and audio visual experiences.