Nils Berg Cinemascope

(Nils Berg)
Base: Stockholm


Nils Berg has been dubbed ”the Swedish Fellini”. His band, Cinemascope, includes a shy Japanese lady and her flute, giggling teenagers from Brunei, and an Indian dance group with rock hard feet. How is this possible? Through a groundbreaking idea, and a projector on stage. YouTube meets jazz meets the world.     A bunch of YouTube clips from all over the world got Nils started with this stunning project. The video clips have been thoroughly chopped, grinded and baked into new music. When the band performs, reed player Nils Berg is accompanied by drummer Christopher Cantillo and bassist Josef Kallerdahl on stage. Alongside the band is a film screen showing the far-away-guests, who are seen, heard and incorporated into the live music. A new quartet for each song. - This is the smallest band with the biggest opportunities. We simply grabbed our favourite players off of Youtube and made new music, colliding the movies with live playing. There's a shepheard from Afghanistan and an american banjo teacher, as well as favourite neighbours from Stockholm caught on film. A colourful orchestra! Vocals, the first movie, and second album by the band, was released in november 2013, and their debut record, Popmotion, was praised in Downbeat and the Rolling Stone as well as nationally in Sweden. ”Irresistable” - ”painfully creative” - ”fantastic” are some of the press's adjectives. But it's live, on stage, that Nils Berg Cinemascope should be experienced. Where the magic, and the feeling of getting lost in space somewhere between a jazz club and a movie theater, or between Alabama and Brunei, happens. THE TRIO Swedish jazz pioneer Nils Berg has been active on the European Jazz Scene since the debut record of his band The Stoner in 2004. As a composer he won’t dodge projects that cross over conventional borders - collaborations with Soundcloud founder/electronica artist Forss, choreographer Dorte Olesen, and swedish indie-darlings "Peter, Bjorn and John" and "Loney Dear" to mention a few. In 2007 he received the prestigious Jazz-in-Sweden award, touring Europe with his quintet. Drummer Christopher Cantillo is working with the top names in both swedish pop and impro. Names like Fredrik Ljungkvist and Bernt Rosengren meet Anna Von Hausswolff and Rebekka Karijord. Josef Kallerdahl, bass, is one of the founders of jazz label Hoob Records. He's roaming the world with minimalists New Tide Orquesta, jazzers Music Music Music and Montreal-based singer Erika Angell.


ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE "A mere gimmick? Oh no! The music of this Swedish Fellini is both mysterious and irresistible" DOWNBEAT "Berg transcends conceptual cleverness; the tunes and the performances would be fantastic even without the video cameos." DN "Jazz meets dance meets electronica meets chanson. Almost painfully creative!" SVD "Nils Berg walks free from clichées and other "musts". He's a pioneer, perhaps the best that happened in Swedish jazz the last years."   Live videos and more at WWW.NILSBERGCINEMASCOPE.COM tel. +46736791919