Raquel Meyers


Raquel Meyers works with low-res graphics and photography for performance, web, video and installations. Currently she works with storytelling in text mode (ascii, petscii, etc) together with Goto80. Lightrhythmvisuals released her collected works in 2010 on the DVD ‘Useless, Yet Crucial’. It shows her characteristic mix of black humour, surreal imagery and low-res graphics. Meyers grew up with black and white photography, singing in grind core bands, selling books and watching disturbing movies. During her time in Entter (2000-2007) she developed a frenetic style that is still “blowing minds (or causing seizures)” as Wired put it. There is little if any sentimality for old technologies. It is the brutalist way that fascinates her, noticeable in animation works such as The Emperor’s Snuff Box (2008) and the stop motion work Dodekafobia (2009). The frenetic brutalism culminated with Polybius (2010) that mimicked a sense deleting arcade game from the 1980s, and her solo A/V performance Error Holidays (2010). Since 2004 she has performed at VJ-festivals like Mapping and Cimatics, at 8bit events like Tokyo Blip Festival and the Playlist exhibition, aswell at Transmediale, LABoral and LEV Festival. She currently lives and works in Sweden.

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