Group: StartsladdBase: Gothenburg


Ampex (Andreas Apelqvist)
VJ 2MCH (Daniel Strömberg)
ElectricKingDan (Dan Nordgren)


Due to a request from a Gothenburg nightclub to run visuals, Startsladd was formed in January 2008. The first set that we created, that took about a week to perfect, was the start of a brand new VJ crew on the Swedish West Coast.

Following this first set, we’ve continued to produce recorded material that we’ve mixed with live recordings in clubs all over Sweden. Contrary to the strict animated material that most other visuals are based on, our visuals rely heavily on the prerecorded material that we produce ourselves – something that might have to do with the fact that we professionally work as photographers and editors for television. Except for producing and running visuals in different clubs, we’ve also worked with company events for Swedbank and Vovlo Cars.

In August 2009, one of the Startsladd crew members moved to Brussels. Rather than dissolving the crew, this move led to a geographical advance. Today, we produce, mix live and deliver DVDs with our material to clubs not only in Sweden, but also in Belgium and it’s neighboring countries. Startsladd consists of Andreas Apelqvist (SE), Dan Nordgren (SE) and Daniel Strömberg (BE). Startsladd is a subsidiary of Filmpoint Communication AB, a production company in Gothenburg.