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Home: Official home page
Blog: The Hexler blog
Platform: OSX, Win
About:  Let’s you control your OSC and MIDI able software and hardware from a device running iOS or Android. With the editor software you can design your own layouts.

Hexler’s official TouchOSC manuals

Hexler – Other TouchOSC setups

Hexler - TouchOSC | Setup CoreMIDI Network Session

The Midi Thief - TouchOSC and Modul8 tutorial

Jan R. – TouchOSC & VDMX – How to set it up

The CoGe Blog - Using TouchOSC with CoGe

Hexler – TouchOSC for Quartz Composer

Martin Thorburn - Touch Resolume 1.0 – Custom TouchOSC Layout for Resolume 3


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