Audiovisual Open Studios

Location: Budapest | Length: 4 months
Foreign students: yes | Language: Hungarian, English

All aspects of vj’ing. Content creation, technical knowledge, live mixing and performance & many more. Teachers: Vision Impossible & Sense Studios.

The Audiovisual Open Studios, a creating and educational centre (hereinafter: AVOS), is devoted to research and educate the given theoretical and technical contents provided by the contemporary audiovisual genres. The ars poetica of AVOS edges along the boundary between theory and practice, in such a ‘place of experience’, which encourages us to explore new types of meanings of audiovisuality. The creative space (involving a community space and classroom, sensor and audio studios as well) functions as a place, where workshops, lectures, thematic professional open days and courses take place.

The main source of the electronic audio and visual seminars is focusing on futurology, and is based on the mixture of the electronic performance like: audiovisual improvisation, the animation, the shorts, the video art, the programmed digital picture and sound creating, the vj-ing and dj-ing, which mirrors the present ideologies and technical progress. The roots of the audiovisual approach go back to those times, when the artist, the scientist started dealing with the ‘musical’ picture and the ‘visible’ music. The progressive audiovisual art is being built upon the methods and tools of traditional audiovisual technologies, using the results of classical and the contemporary pictures and music, and keeping up with the technologies and processes changing day-by-day, so as to create vivid and exciting contents.

2 Responses to Hungary

  1. SHIVAM SINGH says:

    Hi.. I would like to join audio visual course.. Please send all the details for the admission.


  2. The MIDI Thief says:

    Shivam, you need to contact the Audiovisual Open Studios. We don’t send out material, we just list places where you can get education.

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