Wicked Visualisations

Location: S2, Oslo | Length: 12 weeks
Foreign students: yes | Language: English | Diploma

Welcome to Wicked Visualisations. This course will give all the knowledge and tools to start the creative process of live video-mixing, also known as VJ’ing. Wicked Visualisations is divided up into 3 modules, performance, content and mapping.

VJ’ing is a growing artform and is becoming an increasingly important feature of live performance. Many bands, DJ crews and artists are using visuals as a part of their performance such as Light Surgeons, Cold Cut, D-Sync, Bookashade, Justice, Flying Lotus and many others. There is also a wide and mostly uncharted marked for mapping and live visual performances in advertisement, museums, theatre and dance performances.

Learn how to create you own visual content, how to transform several smaller video clips into a bigger composition, and to manipulate it live in sync with music and MIDI based programs. Both courses will be specked with assignments and field trips, as we firmly believe in learning by doing. At the end of the course you will have the knowledge to create impressive installations and to transform the visual aspect of any club, theatre and band venue with your own creativity. You will get the practical experience of setting up and playing for a crowd at an established event.

There are many aspects of being a live visual artist, playing live is only one of them. We make sure we get your set up and working, by you and for you. Welcome to Wicked Visualisations the only professional VJ course in Norway.

Private courses are also available

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