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Home: Official home page
Platform: OSX, Win
About:  Advanced gaming engine that could be used for live visuals and installations.

The official Unity 3D tutorials

There is not a great deal of information on how to make visuals with Unity out there yet. We will suggest that you can look at how to control Unity with OSC and how to use Syphon with Unity. In the free “indie” version of Unity you unfortunately can’t use Syphon. You can however have Unity spread over two or more (?) screens so your window can contain both the interface and the output. To keept tabs on what’s possible to with Unity and visuals you can keep tabs on a project called Splash by Brad Hammond. It’s a VJ app created in Unity. You should also read this article from Create Digital Motion.

Visuals for Sonar Festival + VDMX to Unity3D [Tutorials]

While some stuff won’t work in the latest versions in the involved softwares it’s still an interesting read. Be sure to read the comments, there are some good links in there like a VVVV solution for Windows users etc.

Soundflower–>VDMX5-b8–>Unity 3D
This article has some solutions to the issues in the previous article

OSC Events – An OSC node for uScript

Zigfu – A Kinect plugin for Unity

Good Unity thread on VJ Forums

Microphone plugin for Unity (pro only)

MIDI or OSC for Unity Indie users

iTween plugin – Easy animation for Unity

The RapidUnity Array Wizard



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