Epileptic Strobe – a newmodule for Modul8

February 02, 2009 | Posted by The MIDI Thief | 1 Comment
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Last weekend I threw together a strobe module for Modul8. Imagine combining a disco strobe with the flash function in Modul8 and adding some steroids. You can for example pick strobe color and the flicker frequency. What I like the most is the option to flicker the ”layer alpha” instead of color. This is probably the first Modul8 module that comes with a warning label.

You can read more about the module in Garagecube’s Modul8 forum. The module can be downloaded in the ”Online Library” in Modul8.

One Response to Epileptic Strobe – a newmodule for Modul8

  1. Vj 2mch says:

    Sweet den ska vi köra på vår klubb i götet så ögona blöör ; ) Bratsen gillar sånt.