Light Reflections by the Vidiots

September 04, 2009 | Posted by The MIDI Thief | 1 Comment
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So I went to this vase party at Nordic Light Hotel last week. Iittala was showing off their vase “Lantern” by Harri Koskinen in a two piece video installation called “Light Reflections” by the Vidiots.

The first piece was a 4:3 projection on a screen (and on a sequence of monitors in another room) portraying light shooting through the the glass surface while the vase turning on a rotating foundation going in and out of focus.

In the second piece they had vases put up on a wall and video overlapping the vases so that it looked as if streams of light were shooting up from the vases. This was the more spectacular of the two even if the “analog quality” of the first one was nice too.

One Response to Light Reflections by the Vidiots

  1. Dagge says:

    Nice Piece! I really like the idea and it seems to be fine performed too!!!