All eyes on: Leolyxxx

December 23, 2009 | Posted by The MIDI Thief | Comments Off on All eyes on: Leolyxxx
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I’ve been mailing back and forth with my buddy Leo Hallin a.k.a. Leolyxxx during 2009. Leo is a talented illustrator who recently transfered in to the animation scene. He has done some remarkable animations together with fellow artist Finsta. Their animation “Bollen” has reached +15k hits on Vimeo. Leo has talked to me about using his animations for live visuals and he recently took one step closer by making this really nice loop for O-Baren, a popular Stockholm bar.

Even though he has a simple style, he has to work hard to create many clips. The way he makes them he could easily transcend from one clip to another with his own animated transition effects. His figure-ground work is also amazing. I’d love to see leo taking the plunge and mixing his animations live in 2010!

Check out Leo’s homepage.

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