CoGe 1.0 (OSX) goes commercial

August 21, 2011 | Posted by The MIDI Thief | 2 Comments
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CoGe v 1.0 (OSX) has been released and is no longer free. The creator made the decision to go commercial to be able to keep the project going. The software costs only $99 and is right on sale for $79 which is good bang for the buck.

The software has been reworked an now features arbitrary layers, effects, the mixer chain, native Syphon support and even a beat detector. CoGe supports Quicktime, Quartz Composer comps, Flash files and Collada 3D meshes and Core Image effects which makes it pretty damn powerful software. Go to the CoGe site to download the demo and purchase the program.

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  1. .lov. says:


    thanks for the post and the great words! The only note is the Beat Detector is just a plugin for Quartz Composer, not a part of the app – but anyway, you can use it in the app as well as other Quartz Composer capable apps or just in Quartz Composer.