Mad Mapper Workshop in Brussels

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So it’s been now one week since I participated in the Mad Mapper workshop that was held by 1024 Architecture‘s François Wunschel and Modul8‘s founder Boris Edelstein. I can’t stop coming up with new ideas for future projects after this so I felt I should enlighten those who don’t know about the software or the new features it packs.


First of all these guys are funny as hell, especially Boris, and also very friendly and helpful. After a presentation of the both companies and their thoughts about mapping we got to see a presentation about Mad Mapper. This software let you output video/images from any Syphon supported application. The idea is very simple but yet very effective. It works in 2D layers that let you adjust the images to basically any form or angle. The program also has a very clever function that let’s you use your projector together with a SLR-camera as a scanner to get a perfect pixel per pixel mask of your projection area. This also let’s you work from home instead of staying for hours on location and setup your show, if you don’t move your projector that is. In the past this kind of setup would take hours if not days to get right. Now it just takes a few pictures and some photoshopping to get a good mask. We did it in less than 15 min. This program is really simple to use!

Here is a short video from the same workshop during the Mapping Festival this year.


Check out the videos of 1024 Architecture on Vimeo to get some inspiration.

Mad Mapper is still coming out with updates that adds new features, their philosophy is that they rather release new things a soon as they come instead of letting their users wait until they got everything sorted. Hence the Madlab which is a bunch of separate programs that adds a few tricks to Mad Mapper.

Modul8‘s new update added the Syphon support which lets you output via Mad Mapper.

Syphon also supports a bunch of other cool software like OpenEmu, see why I can’t stop thinking of ideas…

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