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The idea of tweet blogging was good in theory and may have worked well at times when we had many blog posts and few tweets. Now the site seems to have been diluted by the tweets. We have decided to remove the blog tweet functionality but tweets will be back in the new design that we will be release some time in the next quarter. The tweets will move to the right column in the new design. But to not mess up the history completely we list all tweet posted  by ElectricKingDan and themidithief below. Fail whale image by Yiying Lu.

 @themidithief: Via @h3xl3r Introducing TouchViZ. Professional, portable VJ system for iPad 2

@ElectricKingDan: Live FX and mapping in the new advertising project from Sony PlayStation.

@themidithief: Ableton has a great christmas offer: 25% off on all Ableton products!

@themidithief: Via @_syphon We’ve updated with a more complete list of native applications & plugins. #syphon

@themidithief: Via @_syphon A new Vimeo group for showcasing videos, techniques, tools, combinations and results using Syphon

@themidithief: Via @visualberlin 20% discount offer on COGE

@themidithief: RT @_syphon Just Add Music Media demos JAM2 #syphon support in Ableton Live:

@ElectricKingDan: #Resolume 4 Beta 2 Now Available

@ElectricKingDan: COLORCODE VJ for iPad. Someone who has tried it? #VJ #iPad

@themidithief: Great article about “Modul8 + MadMapper powers a 8bit invader”:

@ElectricKingDan: Kinect and particle production that look really nice. Making of: New Look – Nap On The Bow, by Tim&Joe #Kinect

@ElectricKingDan: Mapping Festival 2012 Call for entries is now open! Start blogging!

@ElectricKingDan: Splashy Hugo Boss-McLaren Architectural Projections with nice sound FX // // #Mapping

@ElectricKingDan: Experimenting with real Particles. Andrew Kramer shows how // //

@themidithief: Via @LeCollagiste: Top story: CoGe 1.0.3 out now | The lov’s QC blog

@themidithief: @Codanova: Codanova VMX v64 Available – Codanova VMX – MIDI controller

@themidithief: From the @modul8_team: We have released an update today, v2.6.4. Please read the blog post for details.

@ElectricKingDan: @franksentus are more than VJ’s! #AudioVisualRockBan #AV

@ElectricKingDan: Arvika Music Camp

@themidithief: Swedes: TV4 visits the H-A-C-K installation by @joeldittrich, Håkand Lidbo and A. Tilliander. Tune in to TV4 right now!

@themidithief: Videomappers, seen this yet? VLS Video Mapping Trophy

@themidithief: TouchOSC 1.7.3 and TouchOSC Editor 1.5.3 released. Encoder control, multi-push and more:

@ElectricKingDan: Visuals with a bunch of boxes, music and sound effects. probably a big bag of money. Designed by Leviathan

@themidithief: Via @_syphon this mapping keeps getting madder

@themidithief: #VJU member and 8-bit star Raquel Meyers featured in Wired.

@themidithief: CoGe has been rewritten and is going commercial (but cheap) (info via @lumabeamerz)

@ElectricKingDan: Spectacular Real-time Visualization of Music from Abstract Birds #Partitura

@themidithief: RT @modul8_team: druul tool for res junkies?

@themidithief: Via @_vade: Visual platform of the future? Damn.

@themidithief: New stand alone sound to MIDI Clock application for OSX, the first of it’s kind for this platform,

@themidithief: Via @h3xl3r TouchOSC v1.7.1 is fixing custom OSC addresses. LiveControl, The Missing Link, Twisted Tools, etc all fine again. Update!

@themidithief: Swedish VJ Union gathering on saturday 18:00 at Studio 3, Kulturhuset. #tagtool demo by @ilan_katin. FB-event:

@ElectricKingDan: Update! TouchOSC V1.7 Supports coreMIDI & Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer ways of communicating with hard/software #VJ #MIDI

@ElectricKingDan: Startsladd have made vids for Volvo Concept Universe. Mapping part are in collaboration with @themidithief

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