Processing for iOS

January 09, 2012 | Posted by The MIDI Thief | Comments Off on Processing for iOS
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I got really excited when I heard about PR0C3551IN6, an app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that will let you code and run Processing sketches. You can import/export your files via iTunes and the video output can be mirrored to a second screen if you have an iPad2. If things goes according to plans, there will be video output even for the iPad1 in a future release. The app will be released within the next few weeks. Read more about what this app can and can’t do on the project web site.

Another Processing related thing I ran across on Twitter this week (via @h3xl3r) was the concept for a Processing iPad magazine called Void by Nathalie Hanke. It would be really cool to see Hanke realizing this project, maybe with the support of Audiocommander. Read more about Void here.


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