New Syphon apps

August 10, 2012 | Posted by The MIDI Thief | Comments Off on New Syphon apps
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I follow the Syphon Twitter feed and noticed a couple of new Syphon apps. Syphon Virtual Screen will create a virtual screen (surprise!) where you can unleash your full screen able apps and capture them to Syphon. At least that’s how understood it. In an attempt to capture Keynote I accidently unchecked screen mirroring and had to force restart my laptop since I couldn’t access the main screen anymore. But the app seemed useful in theory. The first download link on the page is broken but the second one works.

The second app i noticed was iGlasses which is a software that let’s you do adjustments and styling of web cam images to be used in iChat, Skype, etc. But it also has the option to use Syphon input so it makes it possible to broadcast a VJ performance from a Syphon abled app. There’s a free 30 day demo and it costs $19.95 to buy.

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