BeTe RuM

VJ Crew

Coletivo Virtual, VJBR






Multimedia Producer


VJ BeteRum work explores concepts of digital environments in multimedia projects, video and animation.

Has pioneering activities on brazilian scene. Participated in the 1st national VJ meeting, VJBR (2004), joined task force to produce the 1st brazilian VJ DVD, VJBR#I (2005) and is writer of the only VJ-dedicated column in brazilian media, at

VJs since 2002, performing in several cities, video and VJ exhibitions at cool museums and big festivals as Skol Beats (2003/2005-2007), Nokia Trends (2005), FILE (2004-2005), including AVIT LA mini edition in Buenos Aires (2004).

In 2004 founded Coletivo Virtual, where members share audio and video loops, that during performances, are downloaded and mixed in real time. In 2006 co-created O.S. Beta, a performance where 4 cameras are in midi sinc with sound cutting dancers’ movements in real time.

In 2008 presented her work at Fringe, on Interactive Institute (Stockholm) and since than has enchanted herself with the local VJ scene.

BeteRum is collaborator of NGO IVoz, worked for MTV, Habbo Hotel, and now is employed in a Swedish company.


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