VJ Vitascope mini documentary

November 25, 2012 | Posted by The MIDI Thief | Comments Off on VJ Vitascope mini documentary
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Back in 2007 I was working for the Pixelvärk festival when it was under the leadership of Björn Norberg. I remember how stoked I was when Björn told me that he had invited VJ Vitascope to perform at the festival. Vitascope a.k.a. Simon Richardson, is an artist from Glasgow who performs with 16mm film projectors. Unfortunately we couldn’t ship his projectors nor get hold of the similar model so Simon ended up performing with a digital version of his work. It was still good, but would have loved to see the “reel deal”.

About a month ago I was invited to do a VJ demo at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. I knew I’ve seen a mini documentary about Simon on YouTube but it was in really bad quality. Since I was keen on showing it to the students I got hold of Simon who told me that Jim Rusky, the guy who made the documentary, was a good friend of his and he managed to dig up the original files from an old hard drive and send it to me right in time for the demo. Simon has just uploaded the better quality version of the documentary to his Vimeo account for everybody to enjoy.


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