The Interactive Institute’s 10 year anniversary

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On wednesday december 3 the Interactive Institute celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a big party at Enskilda Galleriet that I had the honor to produce. Together with a party committee from the institute we created a really successful evening. The people of the committee were Tina Finnäs, Tomas Rydell (who also is one of the producers behind NMM in Norrköping), Erik Sjödin, Aurora & Alice (interns from Italy who among other great things did a neat UV installation). We also got great help from CJ Rosén (from TII and VJ Union) and Kristoffer Karlsson (fLiM). Here are some clips from the performan

Our friends from Physical Interaction Lab did a fine tuned perfomance with their latest project, “Lights” held by Patrik Axelsson. “Lights” is build on music and light bulbs that are turned on and foo. The project includes Ableton Live, Open Frameworks , a DMX dimmer and some hanging light bulbs. You can read a more detailed description on Pysical Interaction Lab’s blog.

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Carl-Johan Rosén
CJ was VJing with his survailance cameras. He had rigged three cameras in the facilities. To pick camera source, CJ uses a video switch that he controls via serial data from a program that he has written in Open Framworks. The music was mixed by DJ Dust.

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Great to finally see this live. I’ve done Dada Life’s tour visuals but since they never performed this set live in Sweden, I never had the possibility to see it. The whole project depended on having a pre made automized VJ set that they could travel with since they can’t afford traveling with a VJ. I have created a set in Modul8, that runs on MIDI data from Abelton Live. I also programmed representations of effects the boys uses in Abelton Live. The concept was to have a very minimal amount of graphics, only a few sound has graphical representation. A pretty good concept considering I had very little time to create. In retrospect I wish I had some more time to put on the graphics but it is very effective. The simple naive style went well with Dada Life’s happy go lucky style with dadaistic under tones. The MIDI reactive elements turned out really well in a way that wouldn’t be possible to obtain as a live VJ.

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Bete Rum
Once again we were featuring our friend from Brazil who ended the evening to music mixed by Adrian Lux & Oscar Wedrén.
The evening also included visuals from Bertrand Gondouin to the tunes of DJ Kristoffer Karlsson and a performance by Yoshi Akai who was playing his Lego sequencer.

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