Resolume Avenue & Arena

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Home: Official home page
Blog: The Resolume blog
Platform: OSX, Win
About: VJ Software with relatively low learning cure and a lot of features.

Resolume’s tutorials on Vimeo

Audiovisual Academy

Resolume Intro
This video is an introduction to Resolume Avenue 3: most popular VJ software and a comprehensive real-time instrument for live audiovisual performances. Play audio and video clips forwards and backwards, adjust the tempo and apply effects.

IR Mapio for video mapping
From this video tutorial on popular IR Mapio plug-in for video mapping in Resolume Avenue, you’ll learn how to set up and customize projections for different surfaces, work with layers and make edge blending for super-wide images and multiple projectors.

Resolume Max for Live patches
Learn how to use these handy Max for Live patches to control Resolume Avenue from Ableton Live.

Resolume Avenue & Ableton Live MIDI Sync
This video tutorial shows you how to synchronise Avenue from Live using MIDI.

Projection Mapping with Resolume Arena 4
Get started with projection mapping in Resolume Arena 4.

Resolume Quick Tip: AV Clips
Shift-drag an audio clip to a video clip to make an AV clip. The video will change to BPM synced mode.


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