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The official Tutorials from Vidvox

Visual Society – Turorial on how to set up a basic interface

Sending multiple video layers from VDMX to MadMapper

VJ Kung Fu: AV Sequencing with Live + VDMX + Monome

Using VDMX to creare stop motion animation

Live digital painting with VDMX

VDMX / iPad Lemur, sound responsive fx, advanced tutorial

A Brief Tutorial on Creating a Sound Visualizer with Unity3D

Telecommuting the mix: VDMX, Syphon, CamTwist, and Skype

Zeal – Stop Motion Projection Mapping with VDMX and Mad Mapper

Audiovisual Academy

VDMX Part 1
In the first part of three video tutorials on VDMX we will talk about the basic application layout, inspectors and control surface plugin.

VDMX Part 2
In the second part of three video tutorials on VDMX we’ll continue studying programs interface. We’ll have a closer look at Asset manager, layers, presets and we’ll show you how to configure video inputs.

VDMX Part 3
In the last part of VDMX tutorials you will learn how preview window plugin works, what kind of video output options this software has and how to work with VDMX5 masks.


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