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We had a gig at a LG party together with the club Ficks at F12 last week. A drunk buddy succeeded in the art of poring beer in to our Evolution UC33 midi controller. Anders noticed that it started to behave a bit strange and that the faders were wet. He yanked the usb cord quickly and turned it upside down to dry on top of a t-shirt. I tried the UC33 again a couple of days ago and it worked as normal. Apparently it had been worse if it had been wine, Coke or salt water. What gear and what fluids have you combined with a good result?

2 Responses to UC44+Beer=True

  1. joel says:

    Mot alla odds – inga alls! *Puh*

  2. Dagge says:

    He,he…. Fick et glas vatten i min laptop när jag VJade på Metró för ett par år sedan… Ut medbatteriet, slit isär och torka…klarade sig,men det var ju bara vanligt kranvatten…