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September 03, 2008 | Posted by The MIDI Thief | 1 Comment
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Before summer Futuremusic dropped some interesting news that Korg will release their new Nano series around christmas. The Nano series is three midi controllers in mini format. Who hasn’t longed for something smaller to lug around? The price is estimated to a low $100. The only disadvantages I can imagine are that they are too light weight and will move around and that you can’t connect several Nano products to each other so you will need one free usb port per Nano unit. I’m also wishing for that there are endless encoders on the nanoKONTROL unit, but that might be pushing it…

  • nanoKEY: 25-key touch sensitive keyboard.
  • nanoPADS: 12 “drum pads” and a xy-pad.
  • nanoKONTROL: 9 faders, 9 knobs, 18 buttons

All info on Korg’s web site.

If you want to do the opposite and maximize your midi controller you should go for a real midi organ, check this out!

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